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[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk Download Paid v7.3.1 Latest Version For Android

[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk

[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk is a personalisation app for Android
Google Play Store Apk Price : $1.49
Google Play Store Apk Rating : 4.7
Google Play Store Apk Downloads : 5,000
Download Free From Androidpureapk


*Colors apply on N, but don't expect it to be perfect...continually trying to make it better and better with each update!

*DISCLAIMER:* You must use Stock Rooted Android M or N Preview on a Nexus OR a ROM that fully supports Layers/Substratum theming! THEME READY GAPPS ARE RECOMMENDED FOR OPTIMAL THEMING OF GOOGLE APPS!
[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk

[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk Download Paid v7.3.1 For Android


- AOSP Browser
- AOSP Calculator
- AOSP Clock
- AOSP Contacts
- AOSP Dialer
- AOSP Keyboard
- AOSP Messaging
- AOSP Package Installer
- CellBroadcastReceiver
- Chrome
- Chrome Beta
- Chrome Dev
- DocumentsUI
- Framework (Black, Blue Grey, Blue Grey Light, Burnt Orange, Carolina, Dark, Darq Turq, Deep Deep Blue, Deep Purple, Fresh, Green, Honolulu Blue, Maroon, Navy Blue, Red Red Wine, Shale or Very Dark)
- Gmail (*Flash Theme Ready ZIP)
- Google Calculator
- Google Contacts (*Flash Theme Ready ZIP)
- Google Clock
[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk

[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk Informations

Requires : Android 5.0 and up
Size : 39 mb
Version : 7.3.1
How to install:
-Download apk from Androidpureapk
-Install The apk
-Run the App
-And enjoy it
[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk
[Substratum] Spectrum Theme Apk (Click Here)

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